Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pro's and cons to hydrogen fuel. open honest debate.

my you tube movie on hydrogen

There are many misconceptions about hydrogen fuel out there.  Like anything, the people trying to sell you on it will tell you all the positive, and maybe some light negative.  But its very rare to have all the information in one place, no strings attached.  That is what I would like to offer.  I used to sell my ebooks I wrote on hydrogen energy.  I also used to make and sell hydrogen kits for people all over the world.  Now my main concern is to educate people for free about hydrogen fuel.  Also to show them just how easy it is to make hydrogen from water.  This will be an on-going discussion where anyone can voice there opinion as long as they can back it up and do so in a respectable manner.  No one gains a thing from insults and blatant arguing.  But more problems get solved with open honest and sincere feedback from many people, not just one.  I don't have all the answers, but I have answers and methods that college educated professors can't explain.  I do have a channel on youtube under powerzap69, that has many video's on hydrogen, custom wooden clock building, funny things, rust removal through electrolysis process.  well worth the trip over to watch some very interesting things.

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